"Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picasso

We love simple and smart solutions. We're driven by vision and courage to make difficult decisions.

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  • Jakub Zagar

    Jakub Zagar

    founder & creative director

  • Aneta Kureš Cirusová

    Aneta Kureš Cirusová

    art & production director

  • Katka Černá

    Katka Černá

    art director

  • František Kára

    František Kára

    art & video director

  • Filip Starý

    Filip Starý

    art director

  • Tomáš Drahorád

    Tomáš Drahorád

    digital marketing director

  • Rasťa Laco

    Rasťa Laco

    web developer

  • Dana Koroušová

    Dana Koroušová

    web developer

  • Jarda Hanuš

    Jarda Hanuš

    web developer

We have a lot of skills, but most importantly we know how to connect them. Brands, webs, UX/UI, posters, photos, filming or animation. Everything in harmony.

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